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Book Talk with Authors


February 27, 2015

The HHS Creative Writing Club participated in a book discussion with three contemporary authors at the Louis Bay II Library on Wednesday, Februrary 25, 2015. The club members listened to the three female writers each discuss their writing habits, their publishing experiences, and their plans for future... Read more »

HHS Cheerleaders Win State Championship

photo 3

Rocco Pecoraro , Staff Writer
February 25, 2015

At the season ending cheerleading competition that was held at Farleigh Dickinson University’s Teaneck campus, the Hawthorne High School cheerleading team took home the title of New Jersey State Champs. With a clean and solid routine, the HHS cheerleaders got first degree of excellence in all... Read more »

Starbucks Project: A Beverage of Knowledge (Part 2)


Shamel Dishack, Staff Writer
February 11, 2015

The Starbucks Project, as once stated, required the Pre-Calculus classes of periods 4 and 6 to undergo a rigorous period that allowed them to have an insight and an intake on the growth pattern of one of the world’s largest enterprises. In part 1, winners of both classes were crowned for their abilities... Read more »

Starbucks Project: A Beverage of Knowledge


Shamel Dishack, Staff Writer
February 6, 2015

The Pre-Calculus Honors classes, periods 4 and 6, have embarked on a project that brought forward many intriguing aspects of the world we live in, through the analysis of Starbucks’s growth in business and influence. Students were required to illustrate the rise of Starbucks locations since 1987 and... Read more »

Soccer Supports HHS Alum in Need

soder game 2

Leah Matari, Contributor
February 5, 2015

Hawthorne High School boy’s soccer team, along with HHS alum, hosted a fundraiser for Jimmy Soder, a 2014 alumnus who was recently diagnosed with leukemia, on January 2 at the Superdome in Waldwick.  At this event, the 2014-season varsity soccer players faced the Hawthorne alum male soccer players.... Read more »

Superstitions and Urban Legends

IMG_6248 (1)

Katherine Interiano, Staff Writer
February 5, 2015

According to, superstition is a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck.You may have heard someone say that you can’t walk under a ladder because you’ll get bad luck, or you should avoid stepping on cracks to avoid “breaking... Read more »

Introducing Bear With Me Graphics

life skills 4

Jessica Layton, Contributor
January 26, 2015

Hawthorne High School’s Life Skills students are excited to announce the grand opening of Bear With Me Graphics. As part of the Academic Real-Life Community Hands-On Program (ARCH), students in this program have been creating tee-shirts for various Hawthorne School District events. The students’... Read more »

HHS Alum Christian Maya Visits Honors Art Class

art 3

Abby Provencher, Contributor
January 25, 2015

A 2008 Hawthorne High School Alum, Christian Maya, recently visited Daniele Russo’s Honors Art class to teach acrylic painting techniques. Russo had invited Maya as a guest speaker to give the students a professional’s view as they started their acrylics unit. After graduating HHS, Maya attended... Read more »

2015 Senior Volleyball Tournament

IMG_6324 (1) (1)

Katherine Interiano, Staff Writer
January 23, 2015

The senior Class of 2015 participated in their annual volleyball tournament which was held on Monday, January 19. At any given moment, there were two games going on in the main gym and one game going on the side gym, with non-participants in the bleachers. Keeping score were Hawthorne High School teachers... Read more »

HHS Art Students Exhibit at WPU


January 21, 2015

Art students at Hawthorne High School have been invited to participate in the annual student art exhibit ARTstart at William Paterson University.  The exhibit runs from January 17 to January 31 in the Power Art Gallery at William Paterson University off Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne. Art teachers Danielle... Read more »