The Kraken


The Powerful Kraken

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

Do you have a fear of going into the ocean due to sharks, killer fish, or any kind of garbage or debris that can make you sick? Well, stop reading now if you want a more terrifying reason why the ocean isn’t a safe place to be in.

There have been tales told of a legendary creature from the 13th century. This monster could destroy an entire ship with only eight of its tentacles. This legendary beast is called the Kraken and it is one of the most powerful mythical creatures in history. There is not much proof of the Kraken being real or any creature bearing a resemblance to it.

The Kraken is a giant octopus that is a size of a ship. It could capsize a boat by splitting it in half and then eating the sailors. That is pretty terrifying.

People think it is just a myth and there was never a giant octopus. In October of 2013, a 30 foot long dead squid washed up on the shores of Japan, in the Japanese Harbor. Since that moment, people have been going crazy to find out what it is. Recently, there has been a sighting where someone in Japan caught an image of a very large squid on video.

We have only explored 5 percent of the ocean itself. There is no telling what kind of evolved and majestic creatures we will find in the future. If the Kraken truly does exist, then there might be more giant squids that we should be careful of.