Interesting Things That Prove Video Games Might Not Be as Bad as You Think


Jack Brouhle, Staff Writer

Most people in today’s society think rather negatively on what video games can do to you. But the thing is, most people who think that, don’t bother looking at the other side of it. There are multiple sides to this argument, but I will talk about why video games can be beneficial to you if you play them in moderation. 

Some of these benefits include increased social interaction. When you play a game with your friends it is really good to also start off with more social interaction because you are not in person and you will feel more comfortable talking or doing other things. This can lead to being more social in person and feeling more confident when meeting new people. 

Along with that, video games can help people overcome strong addictions or depression because when you are having fun playing a game you aren’t thinking of what is going to happen tomorrow or what you feel like right now. Also, most games you play will improve your decision making skills by having to choose between multiple different things, one of which might get you eliminated or put you in last place.

Some games might help you improve your daily exercise and help get you into a habit of doing that, or you might make friendships that last for years. In addition, you can help reduce aging because thinking about all of the choices and things all at once keeps your brain active which keeps it ¨young¨ and able to keep up a bit more than what it might have done without the games. 

Next, you can improve a lot of different skills from playing video games such as, better hand-eye coordination, improved focus and attention, a better ability to learn, and lastly, it can actually help improve your eyesight. Many people thought that video games deteriorated your eyesight, but after recent scientific studies, it is shown that they actually improve your eyesight. 

All in all, video games have many more benefits than I just listed. But you can now see how they are not as bad as you might think. You just always need to monitor yourself and play your games in moderation.