The National Honors Society Induction Held Through Zoom


Andrea Oliver, Staff Writer

Hawthorne’s new National Honors Society members were inducted on Thursday, April the 24. The induction ceremony is usually held in the auditorium at the high school. However, this year it was held through zoom in order to keep with social distancing guidelines. Inductees, current members, and speakers joined the call during the ceremony. The proceedings were then broadcast through YouTube for parents and other family members to watch.

Superintendent of Schools Richard Spirito, Principal Billy Cunningham, and various members of the Hawthorne National Honors society council all spoke to the inductees and others watching through YouTube. National Honors Society President Alexander Nadirashvili then led inductees in the NHS pledge after asking them to raise their hands virtually. Once this was completed Alex then read the names of the inductees. This was accompanied by a photo of the inductee, future aspirations, and their favorite subject. Congratulations to all the new members of Hawthorne’s National Honors Society!

  • Daniel Aliberto
  • Ryan Alves
  • Jackson Ambrose
  • Alexander Barbarisi
  • Brian Barbire
  • Kayla Brady
  • Gabriel Brevet
  • Casey Campagne
  • Nicholas DeLuca
  • Madison Doyle
  • Emma Fernandez
  • Gianna Foschini
  • Emily Garvie
  • Sean Gordon
  • Dana Hassan
  • Quincy Hines
  • Michael Irvolino
  • Natalie Kane
  • Abigail Kedl
  • Giuliana La Rosa
  • Hailey Liberti
  • Liam McAllister
  • Anthony Mecka
  • Megan Moss
  • Isabella O’Neill
  • Hannah Olah
  • Ella Perini
  • Rebecca Reilly
  • Victorio Riccardi
  • Isabelle Robinson
  • Abigail Roughgarden
  • Gabriela Sandoval
  • Michael Schneider
  • Gianna Scola
  • Mackenzie Scrivens
  • Hava Senman
  • Christopher Slootmaker
  • Brian Tousignant
  • Ava Tower
  • Mersi Tozaj
  • Thomas Tricoli
  • Madison Van Dyk
  • Katherine Vander Brink
  • Jean Walsh