Opinion: A Failing System- The Students React to Online Work


Thomas Finch, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has caused Hawthorne High School to move from organized classes everyday to extremely confusing, overloaded online classes. The amount of work being assigned every day by all of the teachers is downright absurd and more than double the amount of work we do on a regular basis. I had the chance to ask multiple students who wish to remain anonymous about how they feel this work is affecting them from a day to day basis. 

The first person I asked was very honest with how this huge workload is affecting him. He said, “ I am drowning in schoolwork everyday and I have more anxiety and stress over it now than I ever have had before when I was actually sitting in class.”

Is that not alarming? Or do the teachers just think they are the only class that is assigning work everyday? I completely agree with that student’s statement as I have been pounded with work daily and frankly just cannot keep up and keep falling behind.  

The next student I asked regarding the work answered like this, “The amount of work out on us students is absurd. Never in my 4 years of high school have I stressed so much to make sure I was submitting all 8 of my assignments each day. Whether it’s the 500 word responses we are told to do everyday for English or the quarterlies assigned 3 days before they are due, this is ridiculous and something needs to be done. This is not how we should be receiving our education.”

This is not good. Something needs to be done about this as we are all extremely stressed about work when we are already extremely worried about this deadly disease spreading like wildfire which, at the time this article was written, has already affected over 345 people in town and that number will only rise. There are more important things going on in this world right now than schoolwork and that is a fact. 

I then proceeded to ask my mother, who has been home to care for me and my brothers what her intake on this was. Her response- “ This is crazy, I witness you and your brothers work all day and sometimes even fall asleep on your computers with an assignment half done and when i wake you up, you go into a frenzy to now rush to finish it even as run down as you guys are. I have never seen the three of you so stressed and on edge like this before. The amount of work your teachers are assigning is blatantly unfair and quite honestly, just way too much. I love you boys, but I hate seeing all of you so stressed about school on top of how worried you are about this pandemic.” 

This needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed soon. All this online work has done is stress out students and not just the ones I interviewed, but many, if not almost the whole school. My hopes by writing this article is to not cause trouble, but to open the eyes of the people assigning the amount of work they do and to try to help my classmates take a break and be able to unwind and do what is most important in life, spend time with their families because we never know who or when this virus will claim its next victim.