Human Behavior and the Economy: COVID-19


John Mateus, Staff Writer

When a pandemic is occurring and everyone is on lockdown, one of the general questions that pops up in people’s heads is how long are they going to be in lockdown?

Humans are creatures that rely on social interaction. Social distancing limits the amount of physical contact and social interaction a human being normally has. Another big concern of COVID-19 is the economic changes that will take it’s stance. There are questions  over the effect regarding human behavior overall. People worldwide are wondering about the future regarding COVID-19 and the economic and scientific effects from said virus.

Social distancing is one of the best ways to slow down spread from a deadly outbreak such as COVID-19.  Although social distancing is very effective to halt the mass spreading of a deadly virus, it comes at a price. Many small businesses have no choice but to close down indefinitely. Schools and learning environments are also being closed for a large amount of time. As a result of everything coming to a full stop, many people are filing for unemployment because no work has been done because of the shutdown. One third of adults have filed for unemployment. Economic wise, the corona virus has put the economy in a massive decline. 

Not everything is based on the economy when it comes to horrible effects from COVID-19. There are many cons for human behavior when it comes to the pandemic. There will be a lack of exercise plans due to gyms closing down and very strict rules when it comes to going outside. Crimes like robbery and domestic abuse can go up due to lack of supplies from closed stores for the former. For the latter, spending more time at home can increase antics and violence from abusive partners in a relationship. The human behavior that comes from being almost forced to stay inside your home for an extensive period of time is worrying for everyone worldwide.