Iceland’s CarbFix Project


Jack Brouhle, Staff Writer

We all know how much pollution there is and how many people are doing nothing to prevent it. Iceland, on the other hand, is trying its hardest to reverse these effects in our atmosphere. With their new CarbFix project that was started back in 2006 they are expected to help the environment a lot and hopefully influence other countries to do the same. This process is a few years in the making, but it is working right now. 

The basic concept is that the plant is using volcanic rock such as basalt to turn carbon dioxide into salt-like crystals and minerals. Doing this can turn the CO2 into solid rock in just a few months. This is mimicking the natural process that would take centuries. In order to do this process it takes 25 tons of water to store 1 ton of carbon in the basalt. This is the major downside of the project as it does waste a lot of water that could be used elsewhere.

While this is bad, the positive side is that they have previously injected 67,407 tons of CO2 into the basalt. The geothermal plant managers hope to have this number increased in the near future, but as of right now they are still deciding if this carbon storing method will be able to be done on a commercial scale.

This is a great step towards reversing the change that global warming is doing. Along with that, Elon Musk is also giving away 100 million dollars as a prize for the person or company who finds the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Along with these countries, people, and companies there is hope that more people will get involved with this: unless everyone pitches in, our earth is not going to be healthy enough for human life forever.