Makeup Tips 101


A Whole Lot Of Makeup

Leah Rosado, Staff Writer

Many women have days where they just don’t want to wake up, or where they completely wake up late, and have absolutely no time at all to do anything. Then there are days when women want to put some makeup on, but don’t want to go through with the whole routine because it takes too much time.  Don’t worry: here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you out in the long run!

Tip One: Start off by washing your face and putting on a primer; this will not only help your skin, but the primer will fill in any pores and keep your “face” on until your day is over.

Tip Two: Use a BB cream (Blemish Balm)- using BB creams provide a slight coverage and have a SPF level of  5-15. BB creams are a great alternative for caked foundations and are great for people with patchy and dry skin.

Tip Three: Is your foundation almost running out? Use a sponge applicator to scope out whatever is left in order to use every drop. Also, if you buy a foundation that’s too dark just use a moisturizer to lighten it a little.

Tip Four: To cover up those little imperfections and dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Remember, green concealer controls redness, and applying it underneath your eye in a triangle is the best way.

Tip Five: When it comes to the eyes, typically many girls wouldn’t even consider this step and would just whip some mascara on. But if you want to look extra special use a light golden eye shadow; it will brighten up the color of anyone’s eyes. Using white eyeliner on your waterline will create the illusion of bigger eyes and it’ll make you seem wide awake.

Tip Six: When using eyeliner, there are many tips you can use in order to just line your eyes or to create your own signature cat eye.  For a perfect cat eye use a credit card or anything that has a flat sturdy side and line it.

Tip Seven: As far as Mascara goes, water proof mascara works best but others can disagree and say that it’s a pain to get off. But it will not budge and it’ll last the whole day. If your mascara is dried out just add some contact solution.

Tip Eight: For one’s lips, you can either go really bold or just a sweet nude.  To create fuller lips use a light mauve shade of lipstick and put a little bit of lip gloss in the center. If you want your lipstick to be matte, add some translucent powder on the top, or just put on some Chapstick and head out the door.