Are You Feeling Stressed?

Stressed Student

Stressed Student

Julian Parra, Staff Writer

Are you feeling stressed this time of the year?

We are at the halfway point, and tensions are running high throughout Hawthorne High School. Those who are taking AP tests have to hand in their deposits by Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, which means once we are in, there is no backing out. Plus, spring season is starting: for some, this means more extra-curricular activities which means less free time. On top of the difficult material in our classes, seniors are worrying about asking that special person to prom. As one can see,  students here at HHS have a lot to be stressing out about. Therefore, here are some activities that students can do in order to feel a bit more at ease as they continue forward with this last half of the school year.

First,  students should not be too hard on themselves. Students need to realize that the grade they get on that math test they had right after lunch will not matter in five years. If you happen not to do as well as you had hoped on a particular assessment, you should not worry so much. Students need to use that energy and use it to study and work harder for the next assessment and use our previous experiences as lessons.

Scientifically proven ways to de-stress include taking a ten minute walk, breathing deeply, eating a healthy snack, listening to music, or even watching funny videos. By doing these things, we will be taking a step back from the catalyst of our stresses and worries, allowing our body to rest accordingly, and once we get back into our responsibilities, we will be ready to tackle them stronger than before.