Best DIY Halloween Costumes for 2016

Sierra Van Houten, Staff Writer

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Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and you know what that means: time to get a Halloween costume! Or instead of battling people for the last costume in your size and paying $60 for it, you can do it yourself! I know most people are pretty lazy and don’t really want to put a ton of effort into making something they will only wear once. But these costumes are super easy to make and only require a few things; and most of these things you have in your closet at this very moment. These costumes are very relevant and current. So you will be the star of the party when you show up and people keep asking you where you got it from.

  1. Pineapple – This one is the easiest of them all. All you have to do is wear all yellow. I know yellow isn’t really a popular color, but I’m sure you have a yellow shirt at home.  And you can get a yellow skirt or pants. And then for the leaves take some construction paper and cut it into the shape of the leaves and hot glue them together. Then hot glue that onto a headband.
  2. Cotton Candy – I know this one is really weird, but it’s cute for Halloween. All you have to do is get a white shirt and a bunch of fluff or fleece and stick it to the white t-shirt. Then from there all you have to do is paint the shirt any pastel color you heart desires. And then all you need is a cone, like you were cotton candy on a stick. Glue the cone to a headband and then you are done.
  3. Taylor Swift – This is going back to her famous music video “You Belong With Me.” Yet again this one is very simple. All you need is blonde hair (either a wig or your natural hair) but it needs to be a curly ponytail.  Next you need the thick nerd glasses as she was clearly rocking in this video. Then you need a t-shirt with writing all over it and black flannel pajama pants. And last but not least you need a cardboard sign that has the saying ”You ok?” Then you are done.
  4. The Twinning Emoji – You know the one with the two girls with the bunny ears. All you need for this one is all black clothing. You will need black bunny ears. And you need your best friend to do this with you.
  5. Popcorn – For this one you need a white shirt. Then you need paper that you can crumple up then spray paint yellow. Once they have dried you need to stick them to your shirt. For the bottom half of your outfit you need to find a red and white striped skirt like you see most movie theater attendants wearing. Finally you will need a popcorn container. Then you are finished.

So this Halloween do not blow all of your money on a costume that you are only going to wear once. Do it yourself for half of the price of the costume you saw in a store. Unless you really want to spend your money on an expensive costume (if that is the case) then be my guest. Have a very safe and happy Halloween!

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