Entrepreneurship in the 21st century


Christopher Larosa , Staff Writer

 I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “Rags to riches”, but how easy is it to do so?

Since the beginning of time men and women have had aspirations of becoming successful and wealthy. If one were to apply themselves and dedicate time and effort, these aspirations would become real. As with everything else in this world, there are competitors who want the same thing as you. You either work harder or you watch your competitor pass you by.

That’s the thing with entrepreneurship. It is fair game for anyone at anytime. An average person can acquire wealth at his or her fingertips changing the whole game in the 21st century. As a future entrepreneur there are many routes one can take to get to the top.

Reaching the pinnacle may sound easy, but in fact, it will test you mentally and physically. If it were easy everyone would do it. That is the reason there is a separation between the people who talk about doing it, and the people who just do it.

Everyone knows what they are getting into and how harsh competition can be. Defeat is inevitable, but I believe it is necessary to grow as an individual. So competing may give you that edge you need. So be it if no one believes in what you stand for.

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century forces you to be different and think outside the box.