Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Daniel Aliberto, Staff Writer

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My mom is so important to me. Without her, I would be a wreck. She does everything and anything for me because she loves me dearly. She cooks a nice dinner after a long day of work, she cleans the house, she cares about me, she drives me to all my games and the list goes on. That is why every day should be special for our moms, especially Mother’s Day. Because without her, we wouldn’t be in this world. Here is a list of gifts that will make this year’s Mother’s Day special for your mom.


  1. Flower bouquet- this is definitely a great and safe option. What mom doesn’t love a nice bouquet of flowers?
  2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite- ($120)  A great gift for moms that like to read and are always outside. Instead of carrying a bunch of books to the beach, you can just bring the Amazon Kindle and save so much space. There are plenty of cheaper versions of the Amazon Kindle if you are on a budget.
  3. Google Home Mini- ($50) A useful gift for all moms out there. If she wants to know the weather, the news, a recipe, or just listen to music, you just say, “Ok Google”, and then ask your question. It’s that easy!
  4. A Fitbit- ($120) A great gift for the active mom. The health and fitness smartwatches track your heart rate, sleep, steps, offer personalized workouts and coaching through every move.
  5. Chocolate Covered Strawberries- these plus the flowers make a great combo!


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