Alum Timothy Meehan: From HHS to Radiology

Mahin Chowdhury, Staff Writer

As a proud graduate of Hawthorne High School class of 2002, Timothy Meehan has gone on to a promising future.

Out of high school, Meehan attended Stevens Institute of Technology, a prestigious college in New Jersey, to acquire his master’s degree in business management. After receiving his masters in 2006, Meehan then went on to UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School to earn his MD; he graduated in 2010.

Meehan is currently doing his radiology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. “I love what I do,” Mehaan said.  As a radiologist, Meehan has an opportunity to take care of patients by evaluating imaging exams as well as performing procedures under imaging guidance in an effort to improve the health of those who are sick. A residency is a lot like an apprenticeship where the young doctor has graded responsibility as he or she is completing training, with the end result that the doctor become able to practice on his or her own.  A radiology residence in total is 5 years of training; Meehan is currently in his second year.

“It is a great feeling to continue to learn new things every day at work and at the same time do your best to improve the lives of patients you provide care for,” Meehan said. “Massachusetts General Hospital is a great place to work and I really enjoy living in Boston.”

Although it has been over a decade since Tim has last been a student at Hawthorne High School, he is still fond of the memories he has of his four years here.“Hawthorne High School was a great four years for me,” Meehan said. “The faculty and the learning environment that was created during my time there really helped prepare me for challenges that I would face later in life, which I am grateful for. Part of a well-rounded high school education should also include learning outside of the classroom. For me, the ample opportunities Hawthorne High School provided me to play sports and join clubs really taught me how to work in a team, how to give and receive constructive criticism and how to self-improve. I have come to realize that these skills are vital to success in the ‘real world.’ This process would not have been possible without the great mentors, coaches and fellow classmates that I had.  For me, sports were the avenue I used to gain these valuable skills during high school, and they also allowed me to make and keep friends that I still have today and will have for years to come.”