Alumni Spotlight: Arban Ziba

Leah Rosado , Editor

The Clarion is excited to introduce a new column called “Alumni Spotlight” showcasing graduates from Hawthorne High School. Next up is HHS alumni Arban Ziba from the class of 2017.


Clarion Interviewer: How was your experience at HHS?

Arban: I enjoyed my time at HHS because all my friends were there.


Clarion Interviewer: What was your favorite memory at HHS?

Arban: Prom weekend would have to be my favorite memory. I had fun with the boys, and after being friends all throughout high school for so long, it was like our last celebration.


Clarion Interviewer: Did any teachers impact your future in anyway? Any favorites?

Arban: Ms. Murphy was one of my favorite teachers because she was wild and free, and also very open minded. Also Mr. Schell was one of my favorites because he impacted my life and guided me throughout my high school career. He was super funny and the most real teacher I knew.


Clarion Interviewer: Do you attend college or a trade school?

Arban: I attend a trade school, Lincoln Tech. I’m a full time student who works two jobs and I achieved a 4.0. I’m very proud of myself for exceeding the expectations.


Clarion Interviewer:What do you want to do after college/Trade school? Career choice?

Arban: After Lincoln Tech, I want to be a BMW mechanic or a specialized BMW mechanic.