Alumni Spotlight: Sergeant Matt Nedswick


Christopher Tamburro, Staff Writer

The Clarion is excited to introduce a new column called “Alumni Spotlight” showcasing graduates from Hawthorne High School. Next up, is HHS alumni  Matt Nedswick from the class of 1996.


Clarion: How was your High School experience?

Sergeant Nedswick: I enjoyed it, but you never realize how much you have enjoyed it…until you leave and look back on it.


Clarion: what was your favorite high  school memory?

Sergeant Nedswick: Definitely hanging out with friends, going to football games, and other school events.


Clarion: What are you up to now?

Sergeant  Nedswick:  I am a Sergeant  with the Hawthorne Police Dept.


Clarion: Did you play any sports or were you a part of any clubs?

Sergeant Nedswick: I played baseball and was a member of the S.H.A.R.E and Ski clubs.


Clarion: Did you end up attending college…if so where?

Sergeant Nedswick: Yes, I attended William Paterson University.


Clarion: Who was your favorite teacher?

Sergeant Nedswick: So many to pick from, because we had a lot of good teachers, Mr. Ward, Mr.Dore (woodshop), and Mr. Masiak stick out.


Clarion: Did any of your teachers at HHS impact your life in any way?

Sergeant Nedswick: In a way they all did. They do their best to prepare you for the real world and to be the best you can be. They all cared about their students very much.


Clarion: If you had to do high school all over again, what would you do differently?

Sergeant Nedswick: You can always listen and study more, prepare for tests more, so I would probably would have put forward more of an effort and applied myself more.