On the Border: 4 Stars

Samantha Contrini, Staff Writer/Web Publisher

The smell of Mexican food in the air and the upbeat sound of Spanish music in your ears is what it is like when you walk into On the Border Restaurant in Paramus, New Jersey across from Garden State Plaza.

When you first walk in, the atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. There is always a host greeting you as you enter. Whether you sit in the dining room or the bar, service is almost immediate. As soon as you sit down the waiter serves complimentary chips and salsa. And anyone who orders fountain soda receives free refills.

The food at on the Border is always spicy and delicious, just the way Mexican food should be. But, just in case your taste buds are sensitive, On the Border also offers regular food like chicken and burgers. My personal favorite from the Mexican portion of the menu would be the lunch menu combo of the house salad with a side of the jalapeño vinaigrette dressing and a cup of tortilla soup.  As well as delicious, the food is also inexpensive, ranging from $6 to $14 for lunch or dinner.

The one and only thing I do not like about On the Border is that after you receive your food, the service slows down. For example, last time I went I received my food and when I asked for a refill it took a lot longer than it did when I first arrived.

Regardless, I highly recommend you and your family visit this family-oriented restaurant for any occasion.