Hawthorne’s Best Pizza: 3.5 Stars

Brittaney Marsico, Staff Writer

Hawthorne’s Best Pizza is located on 191 Diamond Bridge Avenue near the Cuban Flavor Cafe and across the street from Bagel Express.  I give this pizzeria 3 ½ stars for the good taste of the pizza, calzones, and subs. The little pizzeria has different kinds of pizzas that are behind the glass on display as you walk in, and the price range is not that expensive.

This pizzeria doesn’t take reservations and doesn’t serve alcohol, only cold drinks like water and soda in the cooler. They deliver their pizza in the afternoon and evening.  If you are in a rush there is take-out so you can grab your food on the run.  This pizzeria is a good place to take your kids out for a family pizza night.

Compared to  the other pizzerias in Hawthorne, I think Hawthorne’s Best Pizza really is the best. Hawthorne’s Best phone number is 973-427-7555 and there is parking on the street.  So try Hawthorne’s Best Pizza.  You will like it.