Oogy: A Heartwarming 5 Stars

Brittaney Marsico

Being an active reader and an animal lover, I really enjoyed this heartwarming, true story by Larry Levin about a dog who is happy to be with the loving family who adopted him as their own.

Oogy, who is thought to be a pit-bull, was trained to be a fighting dog and at age two was mauled to a near-fatal death by other fighting dogs. Veterinarians at Ardmore Animal Hospital in Ardmore Pennsylvania worked on this poor puppy for hours to save his life. With all the scar tissue and other physical damage, Oogy might not be the prettiest dog out there, some people might even say he is the ugliest dog in the world, but the reader soon learns that he has the biggest heart and will befriend anyone.

Levin adopts Oogy and takes him under his wing and makes sure he has the best care and promises that he will not let him endure the pain or live in terrible fear ever again. At first, people around Levin’s neighborhood were worried that Oogy would attack them due to the thought that he was pit-bull, but he was really a Dogo Argentino.

From adopting Oogy, the Levin family have good times, especially when Larry’s sons were young and were around Oogy every single day. Levin and his family had Oogy since 2002 and are happy to still have him in their life.

I give Oogy 5 stars because it will break your heart a bit, but it will also fill you with joy knowing how much Oogy is loved and cared for by his family