Holiday Gift Idea: The iPhone 6 and 6 plus

Jason Bryant, Contributor

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A great holiday gift this year is the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. On September 12, 2014, Apple unveiled these two new products, which have very few new actions, but use IOS8 software and have more specifications.

The new IOS8 software offers new photo features, a pay feature, and other interesting features. The new photo features include the ability to search through photos with ease by searching the date, album, or location it was taken. The photos can also be cropped right from the phone and can straighten tilted photos automatically. The new features also include adjusting light, color, and fine editing for better photographic options. There is a new mode to the iPhone 6 and 6 plus called Time Lapse. This is a sequence of photos snapped at dynamic intervals. The result is a video but at accelerated speeds.

Two other IOS8 features are Messaging and Quick type. The Messaging app was improved since the last update. The app allows you to chat with multiple people at once. You can send pictures, audio messages, videos, and chat messages to friends through the app. You can now see multiple pictures and videos at once. In the IOS update, the way you type is now more advanced. The Quick Type advancement allows users to pick words before they type them. At the top of the keyboard there is availability of words you may be typing next. The new typing system now also allows the user to change the keyboard look.

One major problem with phones these days is battery life. Luckily, the new iPhone 6 has a battery life of up to 11 hours of Internet use, which is two hours better than the iPhone 5S and 5C.  However, the iPhone 6 has a weaker battery than its competitor the Samsung S5, which has a battery life up to 13 hours. The iPhone 6 plus has a high battery life of up to 12 hours of charge.

Aleks Lorenze, a sophomore, has the phone and said, “I love it! The best thing about the new iPhone is the camera, and it’s so much different from the other iPhones due to its size, shape, and style.” (There has been an incident lately where most iPhone 6’s bend, but Aleks’s didn’t.)

When asked about about his opinion of the new Apple phones, Mr. Di Leonardo said, “It is a fine phone but just needs a new software update.”

Overall, the new phones can fit the consumer needs. Customers can do reports on the go, pay from their phone, and what all teenagers want—to leave group chats.

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