HHS Student Art Gallery Exhibit


Student artists (left to right): Jack Hines, Jessica Scirocco, Cristina Guarnieri, Ms. Danielle Russo, and Emily Skinner

Alennys Nieves, Contributor

The Student Art Gallery in the library’s Reading Lounge Cafe is exhibiting unique art pieces made by Danielle Russo’s students from the Intermediate Art class. This project is called Split Complementary Color Schemes. The paintings have a diversity of colors that attract the eye to the art. The students have made awesome work by combining their imaginations and their talent.

One of the paintings by Megan Scherer is of a butterfly on top of leaves; the background perfectly suits the colors of the butterfly, making it stand out. Also, there’s another beautiful painting by Kelsey Cimillo that will make the viewer miss the beach; it shows a sunrise at the beach with a lot of delightfully blended colors. Jacqueline Campos too has an amazing painting that uses different tones of blue and purple;  it’s a view of a girl from the back–a simple drawing, but unique and artistic. Another piece of art that attracts attention is the piece by Emily Skinner; this one shows a flower with a tonal range of different colors. Placing the image on top of a black background makes it looks like it is shining; this is a wonderful technique. As an artist I may say that this pictures are magnificent.