October Horoscopes


Public Domain


Leah Rosado and Sonia Hadjmustafa

Aries- Always be thankful for what you have; people that are less fortunate than you wish that they could have your life.

Taurus- Don’t be timid and shy anymore: speak up!

Gemini-Don’t change or give in to certain things. They may not be what meets the eye.

Cancer- Things may seem tough right now, but there’s always a rainbow after a shower or rain.

Leo- Try not to be distracted by little things. Always focus on what you want to do.

Virgo-Take time to focus and plan out your goals.

Libra- Have an open mind for things. Don’t just stick to the same routine: always change it up.

Scorpio- Live your days with an optimistic approach, nothing can knock you down.

Sagittarius- Don’t always do things at the last minute. Whenever you are assigned to do something, just do it.

Capricorn- It’s good to surround yourself with genuine people, so spend time with those who have your best interest in mind.

Aquarius- The past is the past. You may have some regrets and mistakes that occurred, but never stress yourself about those things; learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

Pisces- Stop caring about who says what and about who hates you, not everyone in life will like you and you’re just going to have to live with the fact. Don’t waste your time worrying about it, you’re amazing.