Top 5 Halloween Movies To Scare Up Some Fun



Leah Rosado, Staff writer

Halloween season is now upon us, full of fall festivities and tons of horror. Many of us are looking forward to the 25 days of Halloween movies on ABC Family channel, but others might just want to go on Netflix and casually pick and choose what you want to watch. Here are a list of chilling and fun movies to get you into the Halloween mood.

Hocus Pocus (PG) – This movie is about three witches who crave the mortal soul of a young child to make them appear youthful. After a family moves to Salem, Massachusetts, the children experience creepy vibes about the new town they’ve just moved to. Halloween has arrived and Max, who is the oldest son, releases the witches from their curse. He opens the book full of potions and spells, unraveling devastating problems. Now they need to fix and destroy the witches for good.

Insidious Chapter 3 (PG 13) – Insidious: Chapter 3 is the third movie in the terrifying Insidious series. The main character Quinn Brenner is being contacted by her deceased mother, so she seeks help from a psychic. Quinn soon gets attacked by some strange entity and her father contacts a psychic seeking for help. The psychic soon discovers that the mysterious entity is a demon.

Mama (PG 13) – Mama is about two young girls who were abandoned in the woods after their drunken dad decided to go on a drive. The girls live in a cabin only surviving off what seems to be cherries and the only thing they know is to respect someone they looked up to named mama.

Coraline (PG) –   Caroline is an animated film that is not too scary, but definitely creepy. A young girl named Coraline moves to a new town in a pink apartment building full of mysteries. She soon encounters a small door that only a child could crawl through. Curiosity sparks, but once her mother opens it, nothing but a brick wall lies behind it. Later that night, the door opens up to a whole new universe, somewhat better than the one she’s living in now. She meets her “other” mother and father who treat her like she is living in a fairy tale. She soon realizes that maybe she was better off staying on the other side.

The Possession (PG 13) – The box is what started it all. After a family’s youngest daughter Em finds an antique box at a garage sale, she starts to become obsessed with it. After talking to the box and becoming unstable, the family soon decides to take precautions. They discover that the box contains an evil spirit that will not stop until it has taken Em’s soul.


You’re all set for a great Halloween season. Now sit back, relax and grab some popcorn.