Top Teen Costumes for 2015


An Evil Clown

Kaitlyn Melendez, Staff Writer

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re going to need the perfect costume so that you can attend all of the holiday festivities. This year’s top costumes are:
Living Dead Costume

You can rock this look by wearing old, ripped up clothes and staining them. To stain them, you can use different strengths of tea and red food coloring scattered around the clothing to make it look dirty and bloody. If you let this air dry, it’ll leave a wrinkling effect on the material, which accents this look even more.

For  face makeup, start by priming your face with a white foundation. Use gray eyeshadow, or any dark color, under your eyes and on your eyelids. Hollow your cheeks by sucking in your cheeks, and highlighting your cheekbones. Apply black or a dark lipstick to give your lips more of a dried up effect.

After this, you can create fake gashes. You can purchase fake cut kits at any local party/ halloween stores. Apply and blend in the cuts with the face makeup that you have previously applied. Add a bit of fake blood wherever you think it fits best.

As far as hair goes, a messy look with some hair spray does the trick!

Broken Doll Costume

For this look, you could start by getting a very whimsical colorful dress, with patterns that you’d find on a doll. As far as makeup goes, the easiest way to do it is by painting your face white or a very pale color. Apply a bronze colored blush on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. After covering your eyebrows in white paint, draw on eyebrows with a black liquid eyeliner. Pick a spot on your face to add an irregular shaped star to create a hole, and after you draw it on your face, color it black. Add in a few squiggly lines to resemble cracks about your face.

For the eye makeup, you can use a white, or light color underneath the eye, to extend the shape of your eye. If you’d like you can use fake eyelashes, and misplace them a bit for a more broken effect. You can use any color for your eyelids. Use anything that you think will suit your character best.

When it comes to your lips, you can use a red lipstick and lip liner to make your lips a smaller shape than they actually are. From there, you can draw lines with a black liquid eyeliner that drop from both ends of your lips to your chin. Then, you can put your hair into braids and use a crazy colored hair spray of your choice that really makes this look pop!

Evil Clown Costume

The outfit for this evil clown look is one you might want to purchase because it’d be a little difficult to make at home. The makeup, however, is really easy to do. Start by priming your face all white. Paint your nose red, but for a more evil look, make the red of the nose more of a blood red color. Now, for the eyes, outline your eyes black, but don’t apply it too thick, just enough to create a smokey eye looking effect. After that, create two big circles around your eyes that extend from a little above your eyebrow, and finish around your cheek bones. Outline the circles with eye shadow to give it more of a smudged up, blended feel. Then, draw a line with eyeliner down the middle of the circle, and go down  over it with eyeshadow.

For the mouth, my favorite approach on this is to go by a picture of Twisty the Clown from the TV series American Horror Story. The character of Twisty has one evil clown mouth! For this, you’re going to need a liquid eyeliner, or any thin, black makeup pen to create the outline of the mouth, and shape of the teeth. Paint in the teeth white, with a bit of a yellow tint. If you paint the teeth after creating the shape, you might want to go over the teeth again with the black for more definition. Black or dark red paint are needed for the lips and gums of the mouth. Personally, I think using fake blood is a great accent on the mouth. Then to change up your hair a bit, you can spray paint it red, and go for a really messy look.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Costumes

The Alice in Wonderland look is very whimsical and fun! Of course, the most popular costumes for this look are the characters of Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter. You can have a lot of fun with all of these looks.

The look of Alice can be as simple as getting a blue dress, that’s a lighter shade. The dress should be flowy. You can then put an apron over it. A pair of white or black and white striped socks could complete the look, alongside a pair of black shoes. The hair is also quite simple. You can just curl your hair, and accessorize it with a black bow or headband. Your makeup could be anything you choose to finish up your look.

The Queen of Hearts is a look that needs an exotic dress that probably would be better off store bought. Alongside the dress, some high socks and black boots would be a cool accessory. A wand with a heart or a crown at the end would also compliment the look. You can’t be a queen without a crown. Curl your hair, or wear it up and spray it red. When it comes down to the makeup, it’s really what you think looks best, put your personality in it with colors like red, black, and white. With a liquid eyeliner, you can draw a small black heart on your cheek.

The Mad Hatter costume consists of a suit with pants that don’t meet the ankles, a jacket, a hat, and a really big bowtie, decorated in crazy patterns and a darker shade of brown. For the makeup, you can apply bright green contacts, and make a ring of orange and blue eyeshadow under and above your eyes. With hair spray, color your hair and eyebrows a fire-like orange color.


Superhero costumes are a really easy costume and are popular every year. The look can be as easy as getting a t-shirt or sweatshirt with your favorite superhero’s logo. You can purchase a solid colored cape or one with the superhero logo of your choice. For your hair and makeup, anything that puts your own personal touch on it works. Just be creative, and have fun.

The Great Gatsby

For guys, this look can be as simple as wearing a suit. A white dress shirt, with a black bow tie, and black jacket would do the trick. You can slick back your hair, and carry around a fake cigar.

For girls, you can rock a gold or white dress with a lot of shine to it. Accent this look with shiny, sparkly necklaces and bracelets, and possibly dangling earrings. Curly hair, or wearing your hair pinned up could work for this look, along with a headpiece with a feather. With your makeup, you can go about any look, really. Anything within the lines of a gold, black, white, and brown pallet looks really elegant with this look.

With all the fun halloween can bring, remember to stay safe!