November Horoscopes


Public Domain


Leah Rosado, Staff writer

Aries-Don’t be discouraged by your difficulties, they only make you stronger.

Taurus-Be the bigger person and try not to get involved in irrelevant drama.

Gemini- Stop complaining and start appreciating. Complaining won’t solve the problem and appreciating it would make it more enjoyable

Cancer-Don’t waste your time, keep pushing forward; it’ll get you to your goal ASAP.

Leo- Nothing is ever impossible.

Virgo- Individuality is key, stop changing yourself for others. In the end it’s what matters to you.

Libra-Always try to make yourself a better person. Never settle for anything less.

Scorpio- Believe in yourself.

Sagittarius- Don’t let your weakness get to you. You always have strong points that surpass those.

Capricorn- You are a very genuine person; however, some may doubt your capabilities. Rise above.

Aquarius – Being too serious gets boring sometimes. Make the best of every moment and have fun with it.

Pisces- Only pay mind to those things that truly matter. Keep a positive outlook on everything, and smile.