January Horoscopes


Public Domain


Leah Rosado, Staff writer

Aquarius- Smile at a stranger, it doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

Pisces- Don’t look back on the past , better things are coming your way.

Aries- Overcome an obstacle this month, it’ll be hard, but well worth it.

Taurus-  Express your love towards those who show kindness.

Gemini- You haven’t given up, and i’m proud of you.

Cancer- Laughter is the key to happiness. Laugh a little more with friends and enjoy the day.

Leo- Do it today because you can’t keep putting it off. Tell yourself, if not today then when?

Virgo- Don’t care about what others say, what matters is what you think about yourself.

Libra- Take a day off to relax; everything might seem stressful right now, but things will become easier.  

Scorpio- Open your mouth, speak up if you don’t agree. You’re allowed to express your opinion, so don’t let others take advantage of that.

Sagittarius- You amaze the people around you, keep doing it.

Capricorn- Dont let words hurt you. You are better off being the bigger person