June Horoscopes

Leah Rosado , Staff writer

Aquarius- Love will flourish, either with someone new or a past lover.

Pisces- Keep an open mind about things…you might miss an opportunity of a lifetime

Aries- Stressful month ahead of you, take it easy.

Taurus- Keep it calm, cool, and collective. Stop creating situations that stress you out.

Gemini- Just ignore negativity and avoid any negative aspects in your life. It’ll only bring out the worst in you.

Cancer- Your main strength is the way you give advice to others in need. Use this to your advantage.

Leo- Try being positive and looking forward to the little things in life. You can create such a positive vibe just with a smile.

Virgo- Do what you need to do in order to be happy. Actually use the advice you are given, usually it’s for the best.

Libra- If it wasn’t meant to be then don’t force it, maybe it was just the wrong time for anything to happen.

Scorpio- Love yourself before you love another. It takes time and self forgiveness, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Sagittarius- Loosen up, and stop pushing people away when things get hard.

Capricorn- Don’t depend on love from someone else and stop living in relationships just to find happiness. You’re way stronger than those around you.