Terror of the Sea

Terror of the Sea

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


What is the scariest thing that can be found in our oceans right now? If you said debris and oil spills, you are wrong.

The answer to that question would be the great white terror, the shark. Of course, there are also whales, giant squids, and other sea creatures that can kill you. But right now, we are talking about sharks and the harm they can do to us. Their bite can do severe damage to a human’s body, with a long recovery period to follow.

You might lose your legs or arms,  if you get into an encounter with a shark. Sharks can sometimes rip a boat in half, and they do this just out of curiosity, or because they got a whiff of blood . No matter what prey it is the shark is hunting and  it needs to eat one way or another.

Movies like Sharknado and Jaws were inspired by shark attacks because these incidents can do damage to the economy and human populations by attacking at beaches, tropical resorts, and cruises. There are even reports of sharks being sighted in the waters of New Jersey at this very moment.

We must all be careful if we ever go too far in the water, because there are monsters that could hurt us in one second. In the past, the Megalodon was the largest shark there was that could destroy an entire ship as large as a cruise ship. There are legends that a megalodon could still be alive here and it could strike any minute.

The history of the shark is not only fascinating, but also terrifying if we are at the end of its teeth.