Best Myths About Halloween

Sierra Van Houten, Staff Writer

We all know a lot about Halloween. Or do we?

This amazing holiday is kind of surprising. No I don’t mean all of the people hiding in bushes trying to scare people. I mean there are things that you probably do not know about this holiday. Well I am here to tell you about some of the most surprising myths to date. Maybe you know some of these or maybe you will learn something new that you never knew before.

  1. If you wear your clothes backwards and if you walk backwards you will attract witches. This is not true because this was tested by a young man and he said nothing had happened to him and nothing appeared.
  2. If a family is having dinner on Halloween and nobody is talking at the table, ghosts will appear at the table. So I would keep the conversation going or you could have some unwelcome visitors.
  3. If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night do not turn around. They signify death. And if you turn around death may come and take you.
  4. Legend has it that if there is a new moon on Halloween you will have bad luck all day. So hopefully this year it will not be a full moon, because that is the last thing anybody needs. Bad luck.
  5. Last but not least,  if you are sick on Halloween and a bird flies into your room it is a signal for death. Or that you will pass very soon.

All in all these are clearly not true because these are myths. Do not worry about a bird flying into your room and you passing away, because that will not happen. Halloween is supposedly the night when spirits come out to take a walk on the earth they once roamed. But if that is the case, then we should be okay. Ghosts will not come to kill you. Unless you make them mad.