The Spirit of Thanksgiving: An Opinion

The Spirit of Thanksgiving: An Opinion

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


Thanksgiving is almost here and we have only a few days left to get ready for it. The main ingredients you need for a perfect Thanksgiving is food, a turkey, decorations, enough room for football fanatics to watch their games, and plenty of Thanksgiving t.v. specials for your family to watch.

The most important part of Thanksgiving  is to have all of your loved ones together under one roof. Having your family and friends together is what makes Thanksgiving so special, even though that is what Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also about too.

The main point is to not forget about the people who have been around and helped you through life ever since you were born. Your parents have been there to take care of you. Your siblings have been there to annoy or help you if you get in trouble or lucky. Your relatives have made a big impact on your whole life, even if they did something to affect you for the better or the worse.

Family is the most important thing to have in the world because they give us a place to belong. Your friends may not be blood-related, but they are important too if they helped you out in life just like your family did.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to come together and remember how thankful we are for each other. This truly is the true spirit of Thanksgiving.