December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes

Leah Rosado, Editor

Aquarius- Patience is key. Rushing into things may cause it to not work out… so take a breather and wait.


Pisces-  Take an optimistic and lighthearted approach to things instead of turning them down.


Taurus- Control your temper; communication should be used more often instead of building everything up and then letting it out.


Gemini- You are loved and treasured more than you realize.


Cancer- Don’t forget that you are human and that you are allowed to make mistakes. Don’t be to hard on yourself when things don’t turn out right, it was bound to happen.


Leo-Don’t forget about others; You have been so focused on yourself recently and not to those you love. Take into account what others may feel in order to show you care.


Virgo- This a great month to enjoy your time, visit friends, go out and have an amazing time. Keep a smile on your face and keep your head up high: your happiness is very important.


Libra- You deserve more time for yourself. This is a very stressful month so take it easy and take a break sometimes.


Scorpio-  You have a heart of gold and a caring personality. Don’t change who you are for someone who wants you any other way.


Sagittarius- In life there are many obstacles you are going to need to overcome in relationships, friendships, and maybe in your family. You may need to make hard decisions, but if they benefit you, then do it.


Capricorn- It may seem like you are not important to some and sometimes you may feel overlooked. But trust me, someone is noticing how important you are, especially everything you are doing.