La La Land: An Opinion

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


There was a bunch of new movies released in 2016.

Many have been considered successful and they have received numerous Oscar nominations for their story lines, actors, and directors.

I usually do not go to movies unless I think they are good enough for me to watch them and then eventually research them. I went to a movie that I thought would be just a sad romantic movie that would cause the viewing audience to cry a lot.

Turns out, this movie is one of the very few I have come to enjoy. The movie is called La La Land and it does deserve the praise it has been receiving for the past few weeks. It is unlike the musical movies I have watched in the past, by breaking from what we expect from the Musical Film Genre.

The one thing I hate about musicals is that everything is so happy and nothing serious ever happens. Then, the main characters get into a problem they could easily solve and stop talking to each other. They meet each other in the end and get over everything that just happened. That is the reason I do not like musical movies like Descendants or High School Musical.

La La Land is better than both of those films because it shows how serious life can be and how much work it takes to fix a problem. It does end sadly and the main characters could have gotten together, but that just shows you how you should make careful decisions.

Think about what you want, but also think about the important things in life. La La Land is one of the best movies of the year and it shows you that you should not be ignorant of everything in life.