Memorable Kids Tv Shows

Sierra Van Houten and Melanie Liriano

With so many terrible children’s shows on the air today, many of us look back to our childhood; back to the time when the shows that aired entertained the child and the parent that was forced to watch it. The 90’s and early 2000’s gave way to one of the funniest and memorable shows in TV history. Even though a few of the shows only aired for less than four seasons, they did develop a cult following.       

  1. Hey Arnold (1994-2004)- This was a classic Nickelodeon television show based on a fourth grader. But Arnold was no average fourth grader. His head a was mysterious football shape, but that is not why Arnold was so different. He was different because he would come up with solutions to solve his friends’ problem and his own problems. Most of the time these incidents involved his best friend Gerald or his school bully Helga. Helga has this huge crush on Arnold, but he does not know that. This show had lasted for 10 years with 5 seasons and even a 2002 movie.
  2. Jenny the Robot (2003-2009)-  This show debuted on Nickelodeon 14 years ago. This shows follows around a robot who was sent down to Earth to protect the planet. As if that was not hard enough, she had to balance being a teenager and high school. When she gets down to Earth she realizes what she really wants. She wants to live a normal high school girl’s life. She ends up meeting two boys Brad and Tuck. She ends up coming to Earth to do one thing, but ends up completely forgetting what she actually came here to do. The show ended up lasting for 6 years.
  3. Dexter’s Laboratory (1996-2003)- This show was about a little kid who is a complete genius. But he has a middling older sister Dee Dee who can not keep her hands off of his stuff. Most times she completely ends up ruining every experiment. But he has bigger problems on his hands; another fourth grader named Mandark. But Dexter is a master of disguise because his parent know absolutely nothing about what Dexter does when they are not together.
  4. Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005)- Sugar, spice, everything nice, and chemical X. While trying to make a daughter for  himself, Professor Utonium accidentally created the Powerpuff Girls. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are the crime fighting trio that keeps the city of Townsville safe. The Powerpuff Girls attend school by day and whenever their phone rings, they would go off to save the city from a countless amount of villains. HIM, The Gangreen Gang, Sedusa, Princess Morbucks, and the lovable Mojo jojo are no match for them.
  5. Teen Titans (2003-2007)- Taking place in a large city, a group of teenage superheroes, The Teen Titans. This group of crime fighting teens included: the always hungry Beast Boy, the somewhat dark Raven, the powerful Cyborg, and the sweet yet powerful Starfire. The Titans are constantly battling Slade, Brother Blood, or even the all powerful Trigon. Though the show only aired for a few seasons, it is still binge worthy.  
  6. Recess (1997-2001)-  This show is about a group of fourth graders trying to protect all of the other kids on the playground. But this is not an easy task to handle against the all mighty King Bob and his trained minions. But the kids are more than determined to create and seek a rational balance between the opposing forces. This show definitely showed kids working together to reach a common goal.  
  7. Cow and Chicken (1997-2004)- This quirky series focuses of the misadventures of two siblings. Long story short; one is a cow the other is a chicken. The sweet Cow and the cynical Chicken are always getting caught by their enemy Red Guy. Red Guy is constantly trying to scam the two by dressing up with various disguises and personas.
  8. Invader Zim (2001-2004)- This show follows around an alien named Zim. He has a mission to invade Earth infiltrating the human race. But that is not an easy task when you do not belong; especially when you are a green alien. So he has to disguise himself like a normal human boy. Along the way he runs into his arch nemesis Dib. Dib is a young boy who is always trying to expose who Zim truly is. Unfortunately for Dib nobody ever seems to believe him even though he is telling the truth. Zim is such a believable human that everyone thinks he is one of their own.
  9. Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)- Saved by Muriel as a pup, Courage lived with the elderly couple in the middle of nowhere. But the middle of nowhere is filled with odd and creepy things. It’s up to the lovable dog Courage, with the help  of his computer to save his owners. Although he is the main character you can’t forget the lovable and sweet Muriel along with her somewhat evil husband Eustace.
  10. Ed Edd and Eddy (1999-2009)- This Cartoon Network phenomenon swept the nation. This show was about three adolescent boys trying to make it through their teenage years. But they are average teenage boys. They all want to get a girlfriend but that is easier said than done. This is because when it comes to the three of them there is no real brains of the operation. But the real “leader” of the group had to be Eddy. This is because he is always leading the guys to go on adventures involving getting jobs tree houses and getting girls.