An Opinion: Power Rangers Should Stop It Already

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


It has been 30 years of the Power Rangers and the show is starting to get a little boring. There have been so many versions of the show that I can barely keep up with it. There have been Power Rangers about knights, aliens, samurai, and now dinosaurs. They literally have done the dinosaurs bit at least 5 times already.

It is time to stop making shows that barely have any connection with each other anymore. Some of the shows take place in the future, the past, and in some other dimension where everything is messed up. There was even a show where the apocalypse occurred and the surviving humans were being pushed back by a horde of killer robots. Even when the show ended, we never heared about the robot apocalypse ever again in the other versions of the show. Seriously, the timeline of the Power Rangers does not make any sense. It is time to stop the madness and start again from stage 1: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

This time, do not mix it up and make the show like the happy ignorant child it was in the 80s. Also, do not ruin it and be too progressive (just like some other shows) because that will get too annoying. The show can be a little funny and progressive, just make it sensible and fun to watch. Give the show a good storyline and make the characters remember the important details they won’t forget and never speak again. It is annoying to see plots that never get finished and to see good villains that are never dealt with. There are some monsters that are good and can be redeemed, just do not kill them off at the end of the show.

One last thing, we need to make sure the show does not have the whole “lesson of the day” shtick because that thing has gone on for long enough. I can ask my own parents what is morally right because I don’t need to watch a show for answers in my life. I watch TV for entertainment and good plot in shows, not life lessons. That is what we have school for, to teach us how to be smart and independent, not a bunch of TV idiots that have the minds of bugs.