The Fidget Cube

Melissa Martin, Staff Writer

Can you not keep your hands still? Do you find yourself constantly fidgeting while trying to focus? Do you need something to hold while you watch or learn something? Then the Fidget Cube was designed for you.

The Fidget Cube was made for people who can’t keep their fingers still. The cube is designed with special buttons on each of the six sides of the cube. It has a dial for spinning, it has gears and a ball for rolling, a switch for flipping, a joystick for a glide effect, and five buttons for that urge to click a pen; two buttons are silenced and three are clickers.

The last side is a design for “worry stones”, which you rub to reduce anxiety. The Fidget Cube comes in different colors: black, green, red, or blue. So if you need to reduce stress, or need a gadget to fidget with, the Fidget Cube is for you.