May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes

Leah Rosado , Editor

Capricorn-  This month is all about working hard and taking time to improve on yourself and your abilities. Take time everyday to work out, eat healthy and catch up on things you don’t usually get to do. This month you will also find yourself confused, but the love of your life will help guide you.

Aries-  This month is full of surprises and new found love. You’re slowly going to enjoy things you might have never enjoyed before with the people you spend time with each and every day. Your energy is very vibrant and positive; you should help spread this energy to the people around you.

Sagittarius- Last month you might have wondered about upcoming events, or what you should do towards things you couldn’t decide on. The best thing for you to do this month is to stop worrying about the past and decide on whichever one makes you happiest.

Leo- You may think that what’s best is what your mind tells you, rather then what you feel  in your heart. Go with the instincts your heart tells you just for once.

Gemini- Maybe you’re in love with the idea and memories of the past more then the present itself. Enough with worrying about what happened in the past, live now.

Aries- Your sign is head strong, relax a little and be careless. Let your hair down, wear whatever you want, put on as much makeup as you want, keep smiling and don’t let negative thoughts change who you are; your soul is beautiful and so important to our world.

Cancer- Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are, and where you want to be. Sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself.

Virgo- Every happy ending is just a new beginning to something unforgettable. Do not give up just yet.

Aquarius- They say the universe has a great sense of humor and that sometimes having your dreams come true can feel like a nightmare; getting what you want always comes with strings attached.

Virgo- Chances are you’ve been driving yourself too hard and you need to dial it down. Pause and get clear on expectations. Stop getting so mad and calm down sometimes, its better to hear it out then make something a bigger deal than it is.

Libra- Take things as easy as you can, and be sure to get a lot of rest. Don’t push things, take everything in moderation.

Scorpio- By extending your love to the people you care about today, you will develop the bonds that interconnect you and create a rich medium for your love to grow.

Pisces- Learning to love ourselves in our present state is a powerful tool for regaining our peace of mind. By opening your heart and expressing your love today, you can create the best circumstances for making the kind of connections you want.