31 Group Costume Ideas



Shark Week for Halloween? You Decide!

Lila Kawash and Alyssa Jackler

Halloween is just a tummy-ache away! While little kids are worried about the candy they’ll get, everyone else is stressing about what to wear! Here are some group costume ideas, you can include all your friends in!


  1. Candy! You and your friends can go as a Reese’s, Kit Kat, Snickers, Milky Way, and more! Not only will you look sweet, but you’ll get sweets too!
  2. Hogwarts! You and your friends can go as bewitching Hogwarts witches and wizards. You can team up for good dressed as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasely. Or you can go the evil road and be Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle!
  3. Nerds! While the candy may be sweeter, the humans are smarter! Dressing up as stereotypical nerds (i.e. suspenders, long socks and sneakers, glasses with tape in the middle) can be a smart choice for Halloween.
  4. Greeks! You and your friends can dress up as popular Greek gods and goddesses for a godly night! These costumes can be simple with just a sheet as a toga!
  5. Heroes! Batman and Superman save Halloween with some super cool costumes! Of course, for the ladies, Bat Girl and Superwoman are super awesome as well!
  6. Social Media! Going as Snapchat and Instagram can create some funny comments!
  7. Rodeo! While cowboys and cowgirls can be fun, forcing your friend to be the horse to your cowgirl/boy can be a funny way to trot around the NEIGHborhood!
  8. Doctors and Nurses! While Grey’s Anatomy may be a popular show, these costumes will look medically perfect around town!
  9. Seasons! Halloween is in the fall, but there are three other great seasons to dress up as too! You can either dress up as the season, i.e. if you were fall, have a wreath of brown and orange leaves around your body. Otherwise, you can just put on a vest, and dress in what you would wear for said season.
  10. Countries! I see London, I see France..no wait..I actually see France! You and your friends can dress up as your favorite countries (besides America of course…all hail America!) So if you wanted to hold a baguette and wear a barrette, you can be France! Then beg your friend to be Italy or some other country!
  11. Dads! Get a dad cap, wear a shirt with a not so funny joke, and BOOM! You’re a father now.
  12. Kiddos! If you’re looking for a comfortable Halloween, throw on a “onesie” and throw your hair into some pigtails. Now you’re us like 10 years ago!
  13. Animals! No…you don’t have to be a bear! You and your friends can go as an array of desert, jungle, or sea creatures!
  14. Fruit! Throw on a banana costume and get your oranges and apples, but don’t worry, we won’t be comparing any!
  15. Famous People! We all have a favorite show, movie, song, icon, so why not get a group of friends and become the actual F.R.I.E.N.D.S!
  16. Presidents! Go connected with friends as Mount Rushmore or just become a group of cool presidents. You can’t TRUMP any other idea!
  17. School Supplies! Can I borrow a pen? No…I am the pen! Why not be a whole pencil case?
  18. Supernatural Creatures! Vampires…werewolves…kitsune…
  19. Baseball Team! You and your friends will look out of the park amazing with matching baseball uniforms!
  20. Disney Villains! Disney princesses have been done to death, so why not give Ursula or Maleficent a try?
  21. Dictionary Definitions! Get your favorite words and put a definition on a plain shirt! Your friends can stand in alphabetical order! This costume is English teacher approved.
  22. Clowns! IT will be a great idea to go as a group of clowns this Halloween. Just don’t stand in a sewer…that’s weird.
  23. Deck of Cards! You’ll ace this costume idea! You can be the king, queen, joker, jack, ace, or any number 1-10!
  24. Santa’s Elves! Whether you’re short or tall get into the Christmas spirit early with this costume idea. Santa will definitely approve!
  25. Crayons! You will look so colorful on the 31st!
  26. Hocus Pocus! Dress as the Sanderson Sisters for a spooky Halloween!
  27. Wizard of Oz! We’re not in Kansas anymore! We’re in NJ now where Dorothy, The Tinman, The Cowardly Lion, and The Scarecrow can walk down the black paved road together! Of course, with Toto following behind.
  28. One Direction! Just because the band broke up, doesn’t mean you have to too! You can walk down the street in one direction!
  29. Beverages! Non-alcoholic of course, Pepsi, Coca Cola, and Sprite make quite the thirst-quenching trio!
  30. Smore’s! Look no smore, grab three friends and press them against you for this sweet treat!
  31. Puns! When life gives you lemons, make a sweet Halloween costume! Just write life on your shirt and grab some lemons! Or if you’re not in a zesty mood, put on a pumpkin suit and attach the mathematical symbol for pi! Another punny costume would be devilicious! Dress up as a devil, and attach a cardboard egg. We prefer sunny-side up, but deviled eggs are good too!