October Horoscopes

Leah Rosado and Kimberly Tamburro

Leo- Don’t let your doubts hold you back from your dreams.

Aries- If you think positively, it could change your whole situation. Stop looking for the bad in your life.

Taurus- Things don’t always work out the way you want them to. The things you want to happen the most are the ones you are best without.

Cancer- Don’t worry about other peoples’ judgement, it should only matter who you are as a person.

Virgo- Don’t let people bring out the worst in you this month…keep calm and show them that you are much stronger.

Gemini- Try to have an open mind for things you probably wouldn’t do. Doing things with an open mind will let you experience new things and live life a little fuller.

Leo- Stop forgiving those who hurt you and start standing up for yourself. Express your feelings, your true emotions, express how much they hurt you, and ask questions. Holding back your emotions will keep you from being happy.

Libra- You are completely worth it, every imperfection that you believe you have is what makes you who you are. Caring about your appearance may be the last thing you should be worried about. Start worrying about priorities like school, work, family, friends, maybe even a hobby.

Scorpio-  Start striving towards your goals in life a little more seriously. Stop procrastinating and start doing because it’ll never get done if you keep holding it off.

Sagittarius- Your friends are there for you no matter what, so don’t take advantage of them by putting hate on their name.

Capricorn- There comes a point in time where you need to think about yourself and your happiness more than those around you. You can’t care or love someone if you don’t love yourself for who you truly are.

Aquarius- Believe that you can get through any obstacles that are heading towards your path.