The Good Doctor: Review

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Jenna Ventrice, Staff Writer

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In late September, ABC’s new series The Good Doctor premiered. It follows the life of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital who just so happens to have both autism and savant syndrome. The show tackles important issues and topics, such as whether or not it is a good idea to hire a person with such challenges.

Freddie Highmore delivers an authentic and heartfelt performance as Dr. Shaun Murphy. He includes many little habits and characteristics that could come with an autism diagnosis. His lack of eye contact and social skills and his tendency to fiddle with his hands make his character all the more real. Though he has many challenges, he also has many strengths. Shaun is able to see things in ways that many people cannot even begin to understand and devise extravagant ideas that seem impossible to others, making him not only a profound surgeon, but also a fascinating character.

One very important thing the show does is tear down countless misconceptions about people with autism. Many people assume that an autistic person is not able show empathy towards others, but The Good Doctor proves this wrong in the very first episode. After losing his brother, Dr. Shaun Murphy was inspired to become a surgeon. Even though he could not save his brother, he figures that he could use his calling to save other people. The show also displays how autistic behaviors can change over time. Usually, Shaun has difficulty comprehending certain humor, but after being in an environment filled with arrogant surgeons, he is beginning to understand and interpret sarcasm and other language that is not straightforward.

The Good Doctor has and hopefully will continue educating its viewers on autism as it progresses. As it teaches, it also includes many hysterical and relatable moments that make the show feel all the more real. The Good Doctor offers a raw and inspirational story that will have you both in tears and crying of laughter.

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