Rapper Ty Brasel Kicks Off 2018 with 2 Explosive Singles and Jaw-Dropping Visual


Andrew Gomez, Staff Writer

Ty Brasel is a 24-year old rapper who recently got signed to the Hip Hop division of a Nashville-based record label, Curb Records. Ty Brasel is not known at all by the mainstream hip-hop scene, but the rapper is infinitely better than 90 percent of the popular songs that are out, especially nowadays.  The label he is signed to is called IVAV (Four Against Five). Currently, the only other artist signed to this Hip Hop label is Steven Malcolm.

Ty Brasel released two singles and a visually stunning music video to start off a strong 2018, making all of his fans anticipate a label debut album. On 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2018, he dropped “No More”, a free single. The instrumental and vocals are unprecedented in both his previous work and arguably in hip-hop. “No More” has a message that is not only perfect for a new year anthem, but an anthem for all year ‘round. Ty Brasel lays out some incredible bars on a head-nodding flow over a smooth instrumental that makes you smile. The message in the song is about not being held back by your previous mistakes. For some reason, Ty has only released “No More” on Youtube and Soundcloud but hopefully, it will land on Spotify soon.

“Young Ty Man Was Destined For Greatness The Evangelist” (his “other rap name” which is sometimes used as a joke or a caption on social media), quickly released his second single this year, “Phoenix in Exile”. On this one, the rapper spits some crazy bars. It is no question that Ty is a master with words and rhymes. Here is an example from the first verse of the song:

“Stick to the blueprint

Never stop troubleshooting tuning

New modern maestro with the composition

Antidote my wrote for the soul soothing

Medicinal take the pencil

To pinnacle on my pedestal cooling

Step on the premises pedaling, heaven-sent melody sentences grooving, yeah”

If you’re not sure what any of that stuff meant, he was basically talking about how he uses music as one of his avenues to soothe his pain in the midst of his struggles. When he releases the music and also goes on stage to perform, he sees that he’s also soothing the same pain that others feel in their struggles and is giving them hope. His writing skill is unbelievable, not to mention he’s 24 years old.

Ty flows on the beat like he doesn’t need to breathe, yet he is not rapping fast on “Phoenix in Exile”. Like many of his other songs, he just has a lot of long words in his lines and he skillfully says them over an instrumental,  pronouncing each syllable at just the right pace.