Valentine’s Day is for EVERYONE!!!


Melanie Parcells and Vanessa Pena

When people think of Valentine’s Day most imagine couples celebrating. Going on a cute date with his or her significant other, giving gifts like chocolate and teddy bears is what people think the holiday is all about, but that is not true!!! Valentine’s Day is a day to show people how much you love and appreciate them. Your Valentine could be your best friend or your dog or even yourself. Here are some suggestions for things to do if you are single, taken or in love with your dog for Valentine’s Day.


  1. Go out to get food. Go to a fancy restaurant or even get some of your favorite fast food. Even cooking for yourself or another person is super fun. Trying new recipes and new foods is always thrilling.
  2. How about people who don’t want to spend money? What about a movie/TV show night? Have a Harry Potter movie marathon or binge watch Stranger Things in your pajamas or onesies. Cuddle up with your dog, teddy bear or significant other, this option can be for anyone.
  3. Go out for a walk. Nature can be a beautiful and great way to get away from social media and drama. Spend time with yourself listening to music, have a nice time talking and taking in the view with your significant other or have a good time playing with your dog in the park.
  4. Get away. Go sightseeing or on a nice drive somewhere. This is another good way to spend time with yourself or your significant other or your dog. Escape from all the other lovebirds and go on an adventure.
  5. Just ignore it. Valentine’s Day is to focus on the people you love, however, you can do that on any day of the year. Some people don’t get the chance to celebrate it or even believe in the holiday. So if your single, taken or even in love with your dog, spend the day how you want!!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a gloomy day in your house. You can enjoy it with your friends, your partner, or even your dog. It doesn’t matter if you are single or taken you can still take pleasure in Valentine’s Day. So don’t worry about how you spend your day or who you spend it with. Love isn’t just something you get from a romantic relationship, love is everywhere. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!