All About Saint Patty’s Day!!!

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All About Saint Patty’s Day!!!

Vanessa Pena and Melanie Parcells

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Saint Patrick’s Day is a day many people enjoy celebrating with fun parties, eating Irish Soda Bread wearing green and pinching people who don’t. But why do we do these things? What is the history of the day? What are some ways to even celebrate it?

The reason as to why we have this holiday starts with St. Patrick himself who was known as one of the patron saints of Ireland around the year 480. According to the legend he rid the world of snakes. By “snakes” however, people believe that the legend is referring to druids or pagan worshipers of snake or serpent gods. He died on March 17, 493 and is said to be buried under Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, Ireland.

Now, why the traditions? For example, why wear green? Well, originally it wasn’t green that people wore, it was actually blue. This changed in the 17th century. The first time Ireland presented itself as green instead of blue was during the Great Irish Rebellion of 1641 when Catholic landowners and bishops revolted against the English authority. The Irish used a green flag with a harp to represent the Confederation of Kilkenny.

Another, more imaginative, reason as to why people wear green and why others get pinched for not wearing green is because the Irish believed that wearing green would make you invisible to leprechauns and fairies, who would pinch people they would see (i.e. people not wearing green). So as a “helpful” reminder, people would pinch others they saw who were not wearing green.

St. Patrick’s Day, though, is not just about the colors you wear. You can also throw fun parties with delicious foods like Irish soda bread, corned beef, potatoes and any other food dyed green!

Whether you celebrate it or not have fun this March 17! Make sure to wear green so the leprechauns can’t see you! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the Clarion!

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