May Horoscopes

Leah Rosado, Chief Editor

Capricorn- This month is all about forgiving and moving on, from what was bad times in your past. You’ll realize that it’s better to not keep grudges and just forgive those who have done you wrong.

Aries- Keep your mind positive and have your thoughts create the person you are today.

Taurus- Go to the gym, work out, run, keep your energy up and keep improving your physical and mental health, it’ll benefit you in the end.

Gemini- There are days where you’ll feel lonely, or sad.You cannot let that affect your mind. When these days come around, go out and treat yourself. Whether it be a movie, a coffee, or even getting yourself pampered, treat yourself with the love and respect your deserve.

Virgo- You deserve nothing less than what you expect. DO NOT let people say you are picky in any way with your expectations even if they are high.

Libra- Your body is your temple. Maintain a healthy diet, drink more water, and workout. Your skin will literally thank you and you will glow.

Cancer-  You are more than you think. You have the ability to be the best you can be if you put yourself out there and try. Reach your goals and never stop going further.

Leo- Do not give up on the idea of love because you’ve seen or experienced a heart break…you are young, beautiful and handsome. you will find love one day and actually experience how good it makes life feel.

Scorpio- You are wasting your time by dwelling on things that do not concern you in any way. Stop stressing it will create wrinkles and cause you to care about things you shouldn’t.

Sagittarius- Go out and experience the world. Don’t listen to what others are pressuring you to do. It’s all about  what you want (only if it’s safe). Go to college or don’t, dye your hair or don’t, wear that cute outfit that you had planned out all week or don’t. Your decision is what matters against all others.

Aquarius- You really need to smile more, laugh a little louder, and speak up. Enjoy life now and stop worrying about tomorrow.