Vote for Your Favorite Book on PBS


Andrew Gomez, Staff Writer

PBS wants to know what the Greatest American Read is, based on their list of 100 of America’s best-loved novels (taken from a national survey). Here are the criteria in which the list follows:

  1. “Each author was limited to one title on the list (to keep the list varied). 
  2. Books published in a series or featuring ongoing characters counted as one eligible entry on the list (e.g. the Harry Potter series or Lord of the Rings)to increase variety. 
  3. Books could be from anywhere in the world as long as they were published in English. 
  4. Only fiction could be included in the poll. 
  5. Each advisory panel member was permitted to select one book for discussion and possible inclusion on the top 100 list from the longer list of survey results.

“THE GREAT AMERICAN READ” is an eight-part series (the premiere has already aired, but you can watch it on the website), and it will continue on over this summer, leading up to the finale, which will air in October. You will be able to vote over the summer on the website, one book per day. Hashtag voting through Facebook and Twitter is also available. In the fall, you will be able to use SMS and toll-free voting as well.

The number-one vote will be revealed in the finale in October! Is your favorite novel on the list? Go and vote now!