Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix or Hulu?

Lila Kawash and Alyssa Jackler

Finding an outlet to stream your favorite movies and shows can be stressful. Of course, there are the main sources: Netflix and Hulu. Then, there are the less popular sources, which we shall not name. Today’s focus is what should you stream on: Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix is clearly the preferred source, considering its 104 million members last year. Hulu, while still popular, only had 47 million members as of last year as well. The amount of members aside, let’s dive into what really counts…the price!

Hulu costs $11.99 per month to stream without commercial interruption, and $7.99 per month with minimal commercial interruption. Netflix costs $7.99/month to view on one screen at a time (no commercials), $10.99 for two screens, and $13.99 for four screens. If going based off of price, it appears Netflix is the better option, unless you’re okay with watching commercials!

According to Tech Crunch’s Sarah Perez, people that trashed cable “are watching more Netflix each month than YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Video combined.” This is impressive and shows that Netflix is the #1 streaming choice! So, if you want to go with the status quo and the call of your credit card…or your parent’s credit card…choose Netflix!