Liam’s Corner (ft. Sierra): Halloween Movies


Liam Duffy and Sierra Van Houten

So with it being spooky season, it is now time for scary movies. However, some are so similar that you honestly don’t want to watch them anymore. By that we mean that many Halloween movies have the same plot and tropes. For example, in every horror movie at least one girl dies.

We have a few suggestions for people making horror films on how to stand out from every other movie. To start, have more sympathetic characters. If you have more sympathetic characters, they will make reasonable choices and think things through better. If your characters make smarter choices, you will have a better chance of actually surviving until the end of the movie. We all know that the characters do not always make the clearest of choices because their judgement is clouded by fear. We are not saying make them fearless, just lighten up on how scared you make them.

Another point would be to not rely on jump scares so much. They are too predictable. Every time there is scary music in the background or a very intense scene you can probably tell that a jump scare coming up. An easy way to fix this is let people get into their own minds and that will cause enough fear. Keep the jump scares, just do not include so many.

Next, give the villain a little more personality. We get it that the villain is out to kill people. However, that should not be the whole movie. You should include a little more background into the personality on how the character became so evil and why he wants to kill people. You could also make characters with more clear motivations.

Our next point is to give the victims a fighting chance. We know that not everyone is going to survive, and that is okay. However, you should at least give them a chance to try to kill the villain. It is okay if they all die, we just want to see an equal fight on both sides because that will bring the movie to the next level.

In the end, some horror movies are insanely scary. However, some really missed the mark on what they were trying to do. If you were ever going to film a horror movie follow our advice it will truly scare people and have them coming back to for more.