CREED II- Movie Review


Andrew Gomez, Staff Writer

Creed II is the second installment in the Creed series, part of the same franchise as the classic Rocky films.

Adonis Creed is a world-renowned boxing champion who now has to face the dangerous fighter, Viktor Drago. This fighter is the son of the man who killed Adonis Creed’s father in a fight from the movie Rocky IV. Against the wishes of his trainer, Rocky Balboa, Creed takes on this new challenger to defend his title, but ultimately to defend his legacy.

One thing that I liked about the movie is the fact that I did not have to watch the other Rocky movies or even the first Creed to know what was going on in Creed II. Clips of the fight from Rocky IV that claimed Adonis Creed’s father are shown a couple times in the beginning of the film. The screenwriters made sure the viewer felt the tension between Creed, the Dragos, and even Balboa.

The fight scenes are intense. Every punch thrown made me want to holler out in response. I’m sure this is the case with the other movies in this franchise, but the physical fights in the boxing ring testify to the non-physical ones that Creed clashes with in his personal life. Rocky’s words from the beginning, about walking up the three steps to the ring, being the loneliest feeling, stuck with me all throughout. I’m glad I paid attention to that part because it is the whole theme of Creed II.

I left the theater pumped up, ready to work out… and also to watch all these other movies in this franchise. I give Creed II a solid 8/10 stars.