Indoor/Outdoor Winter Activities

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Indoor/Outdoor Winter Activities

Michael Castellanos, Staff Writer

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It’s winter time, which means cold temperatures, and spending a lot of time indoors. But when a snow storm comes and passes, it leaves lots of things to do outdoors. Once all of the sidewalks and roads are clear, you can do many things in the snow. Here are the best activities you can do outside in the snow:


Sledding/Snow Tubing: It’s always fun to go down a large hill in a sled or tube. You could spend a good few hours going down the hill and climbing back up again. There are a few places that you could go sledding. Right here in Hawthorne, there’s the large hill in Goffle Brook Park. 

Another place close by is the snow tubing area at Campgaw, which is located in Mahwah. For a small price, you can spend two hours going down the long hill as many times as you want.


Ice Skating: Ice Skating is an activity you can do outdoors or indoors. But the safer way is to skate indoors at a rink. One famous outdoor rink is in Central Park in New York City. Some indoor skating rinks close by are the Ice Vault Arena in Wayne. Another indoor skating rink is the Floyd Hall Arena in Little Falls in Montclair State University. Both places are great if you plan to go ice skating.


Skiing/Snowboarding: This activity is more for teenagers and adults but there are ski places that can teach children to ski and snowboard. There are not a lot of large hills or mountains around Hawthorne, so the best choice is to go to a ski resort. The closest ski resort is Campgaw and they have several ski and snowboard paths down large hills. The resort is a bit small, but can be very fun for anyone.

Another popular resort is Mountain Creek in Vernon NJ.. This resort is much larger and has much higher mountains to ski down. People brave enough can go down the highest and steepest mountains. 

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