Places to Go During Winter Break

Michael Castellanos

Winter break is just around the corner and with only five days off, there is only a handful of places you could go. However, there are some great places you could go that are close by. Here are some choices of places or cities you could go to for just the day, or even a few days.


New York City

The closest city to Hawthorne which takes less than an hour to get to is New York. There are so many things to do and you could stay there for several days. If the weather is nice, you could take a stroll around Central Park. There’s also thousands of places to shop, with many shopping districts in the city. The biggest one being Times Square. New York City if filled with so many things to do that it’s a perfect place to go during winter break.



Another large city, except Philadelphia is around an hour and a half away. It would probably be best to leave early and spend at least 1 night there. Philadelphia is similar to New York, except there’s a lot of museums and monuments. One being the Liberty Bell. One popular museum to go to is the Franklin Institute Science Museum. It is a good place to go if you have never really been there and the cheese steaks are delicious!


Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

About an hour and a half west into the Pocono Mountains, are 3 different indoor water parks, and one large ski resort close by. The smallest water park there is Great Wolf Lodge. It is also the cheapest. The next water park is Aquatopia by the Camelback Ski Resort, which is the closest ski resort next to all 3 water parks and another great place to spend the day. The final water park, the biggest and most expensive one, is Kalahari indoor water park. There is a lot to do in that section of the Poconos and it’s a great way to spend your short winter break.