Nike Launches Self Lacing Shoes

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Nike Launches Self Lacing Shoes

Sierra Van Houten, Editor

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The future is officially upon us.

Have you ever wanted to wear a nice pair of sneakers, but were too lazy to want to tie them? Well Nike has you covered. Yes, the shoe company has released a brand new sneaker that has automatic lacing technology. 2019 is going to be an interesting year for Nike.

These sneakers are called the Adapt BB sneakers. The sneakers are synced up to your phone and are able to tie themselves. They can also track your activity for the day through the shoes. Moreover, Nike allows you to personalize the sneakers how you see fit. If you want them to fit tighter, you just need to go on the app and customize the fit to how you like it.

As nice as it sounds, these sneakers are going for a pretty penny. The shoes are going to retail for $720. They are set to be released on February 17, 2019. One downside though is that you have to charge the sneakers. So, when you get the sneakers you are also getting the magnetic charging mat. This is so you just put the sneakers on the mat to charge them at the end of a busy day.

According to Nike the battery should last 10-14 days depending on the amount of use. However you will also need a couple of more things that Nike will give to you when you purchase the shoes. You will need the battery, the motor for the shoes to be able to tie them, and the chips that connect your shoes to your phone.

Ladies and gentlemen the future is here, whether you like it or not. These shoes are going to leave a lasting impression, but is it going to be a good or bad thing? Sneaker-heads everywhere are going to be going crazy for the Adapt BB so on February 17, get your credit cards ready.

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