The Man In a Closet


Danielle Fiorilla, Staff Writer

Urban legends have been around since the beginning of human existence, but to think that these tall tales can come to life is something that’s beyond scary.

Since we were younger we always thought there was a monster in our closet or under our bed. But imagine being in college and you go back to your place with the intent of resting up for school the next day…but instead you hear strange noises coming from your closet.

You open the door and find a strange man in your closet.

Well this is what happened to a girl named Maddie (last name was withheld by news organizations). She originally thought it was possibly a raccoon because she lives down south. After hearing a second noise she asked “Hello? Is anyone in there?”

A man responded with “Hi! I’m Drew.” Maddie afraid and startled, responded with, “If I let you out will you hurt me or try anything?” The man stated, “No no no, I won’t do anything I promise.” And Maddie opened the door and saw a man wearing her clothes and going threw her bag of stuff.

The man, later identified by police as 30 year old Andrew Swofford,  begged for her not to call the police so she didn’t…she instead texted her boyfriend a few images of this man and sent them to him. Her boyfriend then quickly rushed over to her apartment and called the police.

But before the police were able to come she told Drew to put her clothes back in her closet and to put his own clothes back on. She then had a ten minute conversation with Drew. In this conversation Maddie found out that he was having problems with his mom and financial problems which led him to being homeless.

Police are not sure how he got into the apartment in the first place, but now Maddie is uncomfortable in her own apartment and her bedroom.

What would you have done if you found a man in your closet?